An on-line inkjet press calibration service for inkjet press vendors from Global Graphics Software

Registered users log-in to upload their PrintFlat scans from and receive back the calibrations they require to achieve optimum quality for their inkjet press.

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What is PrintFlat?

Printflat is an innovative new technology that reduces non-uniformity across the web, commonly caused by variation within a head, between heads or wear on the head(s).

It can be applied to almost any workflow by ScreenPro, the ultra-high-speed screening engine from Global Graphics Software and can be used in any print workflow with any combination of inks, substrates, printheads and electronics.

How does PrintFlat work?

In software every nozzle can be addressed separately on any head/electronics to achieve very fine granularity. The process can be automated for closed-loop correction and, unlike correction by adjustment of voltages, there is no effect on jetting stability or head lifetime, nor ink pressure and timing/drop speed variation.

How do I use the service?

This service is available to registered users who simply log-in with their credentials, upload their PrintFlat scans receive the calibrations they need to run their inkjet press at optimum quality.

If you’d like to explore using this service please contact: